Asset Monitoring

Keeping tabs on your physical assets is an expensive endeavor – especially when you don’t live on the property that you manage. Landowners spend thousands of dollars every year in time, fuel, and vehicle wear & tear as they drive to physically check up on their assets.

Pasture Pro’s Asset Monitoring module is designed to reduce these costs by allowing users to monitor the things they care about from afar.

Pasture Pro’s Asset Monitoring is a subscription based service that works in even the most remote locations. The camera network utilizes a combination of cellular and radio type frequencies to transmit images to your mobile device.

Your year one subscription includes a custom asset monitoring solution designed to fit your specific property configuration, cellular plan activation, initial configuration and installation of asset monitoring equipment, Pasture Pro application access to view images, and remote equipment service monitoring to proactively notify you of equipment issues.

Subsequent year subscriptions include continued access to your asset monitoring images, management of the cellular plan(s), ongoing equipment monitoring with proactive issue notification, and support solutions to resolve software or hardware issues or configuration changes. Ag Innovations support staff will assist you with your Asset Monitoring questions or needs, and onsite visits can be scheduled as needed.

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