Products / Services

Our goal is to reduce the cost, time, and stress of managing large agricultural operations by leveraging technology and streamlining processes. We accomplish this by seeking out the most significant pain points for our customers and then designing innovative and cost effective solutions to ease that pain.

Our flagship mobile app, Pasture Pro is available for Apple and Android devices. It includes several tools to help you manage your operation from the convenience of your cellular device. Some of the applications available to you are:

  1. Asset Monitoring – one of the biggest pain points facing ranchers today is “chasing water.” This tool allows you to monitor water or any other important asset from the comfort of your home.
  2. Tasks – this module allows you to assign and manage work to different members of your farm or ranch team. Attach pictures, share mapping locations, and provide detailed accounts of the work that needs to get done.
  3. Mapping – see detailed imagery of your property and add boundaries or markers to signify important landmarks.
  4. Parcel Information – this subscription allows users to search US properties to find property details such as ownership, size, and boundary locations.
  5. Weather Stations – over 100 weather stations have been installed across the country to monitor climate patterns in various regions. Tap into this network to track current conditions or contact us about setting up a weather station on your property.
  6. Custom Modules – Ag Innovations works with industry leaders to develop custom app solutions.
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