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The Pasture Pro mobile app allows you to manage your entire agricultural business operation with one easy-to-use tool. Available features include:

  1. Livestock Management – inventory and expense tracking without the complicated bells and whistles. Finally a tool that any of your ranch hands can use. Works in the pasture (without cell service) and gives the landowner the ability to remotely manage herd counts, grazing rotations, expenses, and sales.
  2. GPS Ear Tags – know where your livestock are located at all times. Use the Map to see your animal’s current location and past location history.
  3. Tasks – this module allows you to assign and manage work to different members of your farm or ranch team. Attach pictures, share mapping locations, and provide detailed accounts of the work that needs to get done.
  4. Asset Monitoring – one of the biggest pain points facing ranchers today is “chasing water.” This tool allows you to monitor water or any other important asset from the comfort of your home.
  5. Mapping – see detailed imagery of your property and add boundaries or markers to signify important landmarks or to assign tasks to your team.
  6. Parcel Information – this subscription allows users to search US properties to find property details such as ownership, size, and boundary locations.
  7. Custom Modules – Ag Innovations works with industry leaders to develop custom app solutions for your agricultural business needs.
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